Hey, first of all thanks for visiting my website. My name's Adam. I'm from Seattle, Washington and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I spend most days working in TV production, while creating my own original work both on stage and screen.

I'm currently employed as a video editor at CBS, and have done freelance work on a wide variety of shows, including "How I Met Your Mother", "Billy On The Street", "The Late Show with David Letterman", and "Million Dollar Listing: New York". My complete resume is on here somewhere...

Outside of that, I've been keeping myself busy creating a number of sketches, podcasts and web series that you can see in my WORK section. Though I've had my hand in producing much of this content with my frequent collaborator Amy Iturres-Alomia, I primarily consider myself a writer/director/editor.

My latest one-act plays have been featured by my friends at The Barrington Collective, and I've sporadically been given onstage acting opportunities by the likes of Conrad Kluck and the Chicago-based playwright Olivia Lilley. If you'd like me to audition for a role, just ask!

In addition to my short plays and long-form narrative podcasts, I've written a number of original TV and film scripts. E-mail me if you'd like to read any of my samples.

So that's the basics. I'll fill out the rest of this section with a random collection of Instagram photos for you to enjoy. Thanks again for stopping by!